Estrella Damm: switching from plastic packaging to PEFC-certified cardboard

PEFC-certified cardboard has replaced the plastic packaging around beverage can packs by Estrella Damm, a leading Spanish beverage producer, leading to big reductions in their plastic use.

The decision to completely remove the printed plastic packaging from all six, twelve and twenty-four-can packs reduces plastic use by 99 tons a year. The action is an important step in the company’s sustainability strategy.

The new packaging is made from PEFC-certified, natural and renewable fibres. Consumers benefit from the new design with rounded edges and different opening options, making it easier to carry and open.

Already last year, Estrella Damm saved more than 260 tons of plastic by replacing the plastic rings of beverage cans with rings made of 100% biodegradable, PEFC-certified cardboard. This action also extends to the company’s brands Xibeca, Voll-Damm and Bock-Damm.

With these two initiatives, Estrella Damm will save around 360 tons of plastic per year in favour of a natural, renewable and recyclable material.

The Spanish company is recognized for leading sustainability strategies, positioning itself as an example of responsibility by eliminating plastics from its products and replacing them with materials from sustainably managed forests.

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