Expera Launches SOAR Sustainable Food Papers

Continuing to be at the forefront of sustainable product offerings, Expera Specialty Solutions, a leading producer of innovative food packaging solutions, announced today its launch of a broad line of SOAR Sustainable Food Packaging and Processing Papers. These papers have the ability to achieve multiple sustainability goals in a single product.

New to Expera’s SOAR product portfolio is Wax Alternative papers.

“Our Wax Alternative papers are manufactured without the addition of paraffin or other petroleum-based materials, creating a more sustainable alternative to the traditionally used quick service restaurant packaging,” explained Robyn Buss, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Expera Specialty Solutions. “These products maintain a high-level of performance and are stronger on a pound-for-pound basis, allowing for improved yield and decreased transportation costs.”

As the industry leader in offering sustainable solutions for our customers, Expera’s team is constantly innovating its SOAR line of Sustainable Food Papers to meet the needs of a growing and demanding market, including its exclusive line of Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® papers.

“When there is a preference to have grease-proof products without the use of fluorochemicals, Expera Specialty Solutions has the unique capability of manufacturing them,” said Buss. “Increasingly, consumers are looking for a fluorochemical-free option, and they still need the product to meet FDA requirements for food contact and be cost-effective and eco-friendly. We are uniquely situated to provide that option, as Expera has been manufacturing grease-resistant papers since the 1930s, well before the creation of fluorochemistry.”

Grease-Gard FluoroFree® papers not only meet a wide variety of grease resistant needs, but also offer a broad range of basis weights, array of finishes, and excellent glueability and printability.

Additional product attributes included in the SOAR product portfolio include:
•100% natural virgin fiber – trulyNatural™ Papers
•Compostable papers
•Recycled Content (FDA approved for Direct Food Content Post-Consumer Waste)
•Chain of Custody Forest Certification

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