Fazer’s chocolate Christmas calendar reduces plastic use

Fazer is launching a chocolate Christmas calendar made from lightweight and recyclable dispersion coated paperboard from Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group. The choice of material will reduce plastic use by 1,200 kg per year compared to the PE coated board used previously and will also improve recycling of the calendar. The wood fibre used in Fazer’s Christmas calendar can be fully recycled.

The lightweight paperboard used in the calendar supports the circular economy and reduces waste. Thanks to the lightweight and resource-efficient design, the carbon footprint of the calendar carton is also one quarter lower than the previous one.

“Climate change mitigation and the circular economy are important themes for Fazer. The material change for the Christmas calendar is part of Fazer’s responsible packaging programme which consists of three elements: reducing the amount of packaging materials used, developing completely new types of more ecological packaging solutions, and improving the recyclability of packaging” says Piia Soininen-Tengvall, Packaging Development Director at Fazer. “Chocolate calendars need a layer to protect the chocolate, which is usually plastic. This year we are replacing the PE coated material with recyclable Metsä Board paperboard.”

“Our fresh fibre board is a safe choice for Christmas calendars, especially when the chocolate is in direct contact with the board. In addition, our dispersion coated board has neutral sensory properties. In practice, this means that the chocolate in the calendars retains its excellent taste until the consumer receives it as intended,” says Olli Haaranoja, Sales Director at Metsä Board.

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