Feldmuehle switches fuel, Cepi warns on gas crisis (printweek.com)

German papermaker Feldmuehle is switching fuel from gas to light heating oil at short notice due to the gas supply crisis, while paper federation Cepi has warned about possible disruption to paper and packaging supplies if mandatory consumption cuts are enforced in the EU.

Feldmuehle said it was taking rapid action to switch to light heating oil as fuel for steam generation at its Uetersen mill, which makes paper for labels and packaging.

CEPI said that the pulp and paper industry had a fundamental role as a provider of critical products, and called on member states to consider entire value chains when responding to the crisis.

“As its manufacturing partly depends on gas, possible disruptions in the industry’s gas supply would affect the entire logistics of the EU, availability of paper packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, as well as essential hygiene products,” CEPI stated.
more at: https://www.printweek.com/news/article/feldmuehle-switches-fuel-cepi-warns-on-gas-crisis

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