Fibrease™ by Stora Enso – A recyclable wood foam ready to replace polymer-based packaging solutions

The recyclable and fiber-based wood foam Fibrease™ by Stora Enso can replace e.g. polymer-based foams in packaging solutions. A partnership with Nefab has made it possible to scale up the production and broadly introduce Fibrease to the market, and it’s already being used by customers.

We are all familiar with the polyurethane (PU) foam used for cushioning in packaging. It performs well when it comes to protecting products. It’s made of fossil raw materials and used frequently within a variety of industries worldwide. Now, after a successful collaboration between Stora Enso and Nefab, the fiber-based material Fibrease is ready to broadly replace polymer foams; offering brand owners sustainable packaging solutions.

“We see a growing demand from eco-conscious companies to replace plastic-based foams with more sustainable alternatives. With Fibrease we can give them that,” says Johan Tegell, Product Manager, Fiber-based solutions at Nefab.

Nefab is a global B2B company, which saves environmental and financial resources in supply chains, providing complete packaging solutions and logistics services for their customers all over the world. Because of this, they have the engineering expertise and converting capabilities to test and help develop the material supplied by Stora Enso. Nefab’s role as a development partner has been to learn how to best convert Fibrease and test it through shock, vibrations and transport. Also, to try it out with pilot customers. Through feedback and a close cooperation, Stora Enso has further developed the material.

The result? A fiber-based wood foam that performs similar to PU foam but is kerbside recyclable in the paper/board stream.

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