FieldDay Ireland: PEFC-certified packaging for a better tomorrow

PEFC-certified board was chosen for the new packaging of the award-winning home fragrance collection FieldDay.

Founded in 2002, FieldDay is inspired by the scents of the Irish countryside and pays homage to the country’s many native wildflowers.

A recent brand refresh gave the company the opportunity to choose new packaging for their range of vegan and cruelty-free candles, soaps and home collection, matching the brand’s environmental credentials and commitment to sustainability.

“We love the land in Ireland and have a desire to leave things better than we find them and help contribute to a more sustainable planet”, said Alix Mulholland, Creative Director of FieldDay.

“We recognise that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment, but they can also be a force for good”.

All cartons are printed with vegetable inks on PEFC-certified board. The plastic bottles are made from recycled plastics, while the rest of the product range is plastic free.

Consumers are increasingly aware about the environmental impact of consumption and are keen to make responsible decisions about the brands they buy from.

“When looking for new packaging material, it was very important for us to source certified material through an ethical and responsible supply chain,” Alix added.

“When our printers at Priory Press recently acquired PEFC certification, we were keen to incorporate the logo on our packs. We are exceptionally proud to display the PEFC label on our packaging,” she continued.

“Knowing that we’re using certified material and contributing to driving healthy forest management is very much core to our brand values. Our customers and stockists are delighted to buy from a brand that’s taking the resource-friendly way forward.”

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