First Installation of RMGT 10 Series Press Powered by LED-UV in Chicago


In late September 2017, the first RMGT 10 Series Press powered by LED-UV curing and featuring a full suite of RMGT makeready and print quality technology, will be installed at VISOgraphic’s 40,000-sq.-ft. facility based here. When Chicago area commercial, digital and packaging printer VISOgraphic began its search for the new 40” offset printing press that would propel them through the growth spurt they are experiencing, the RMGT 10 Series really wasn’t on its radar. However, after several meetings and visits to key RMGT customers in the Midwest, the decision to move ahead with RMGT was made by the VISOgraphic management team.

“Honestly, moving away from our current brand was a little scary,” states Bob Dahlke Jr., VP of business development for VISOgraphic. “Our CD presses still print a great dot, but we needed more and better automation to keep up with our customer’s demanding projects and when we saw much, much older RMGT (Mitsubishi) presses still running well in the same shop with a brand new RMGT 10 we felt confident that our new press was built to last for hundreds of millions of impressions.” The new RMGT 10 Series press that is landing at VISOgraphic will feature 16,200 SPH press speed and LED-UV curing offering a huge increase in throughput since every sheet will be instantly ready for either back up or finishing. Continues Dahlke, “We wanted our extremely loyal and hardworking staff to have the most technologically advanced press available so they can do their job more effectively.”

John Dahlke, COO, did much of the technical research on both the RMGT 10 and LED-UV curing for VISOgraphic and he found reference after reference of printers who are experiencing great results with both the 10 Series press and low energy usage LED-UV curing. “But really it was our trip to Push Solutions in New Berlin, Wisconsin that sold us on LED-UV. Our pressman pointed out how crisp the dot was after being instantly cured and also remarked on how much faster Push runs their 9 Series press with 100% dried sheets being delivered to the pile.” After John’s research, the Baldwin UVed Flex LED-UV system was specified for its new press. “The ability to not only move our lamp from inter-deck to delivery but also change the focal point using interchangeable lenses just made sense technologically.”

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