Five Industries That Still Prefer Print — And Why

Is paper dying? We don’t think so. While some industries, such as automotive sales, are moving toward digital record-keeping, others still prefer print records, and for good reason.

“We’ve done research that shows many industries still rely heavily on print, and that is consistent with consumers’ desire for print,” says Katie Zorn, Domtar’s vice president of marketing, product management, strategic planning and market development for pulp and paper. “People actually want a choice, and when they have it, they often choose print.”

Zorn says the top office paper-using industries prefer print for good reason. “There are accessibility issues to consider, especially in healthcare and social assistance. They have to assume that not everyone has access to a computer or email,” she explains. “And although people are becoming more comfortable with online statements, there still remains a large percentage of people who need or want paper statements and physical copies of their financial records and insurance policies.”

We took a closer look at the top five industries that prefer print — and why. Read more at:

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