Forest certification systems are essential to enable sustainable timber traceability

“What I’m most looking forward to at the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue are practical and informed discussions on the crucial role of forests and certification to support net zero emissions by 2050,” says Dr Dorothy Maxwell, Sustainability Director at Davy Horizons and a moderator of tomorrow’s Stakeholder Dialogue.

In our interview, she gave us an insight into her job as Sustainability Director, the role of forests for tackling climate change, and what difference certification makes for businesses.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?
Hello – I’m Dr Dorothy Maxwell. I’m a sustainability professional with over 20 years international experience working with business and government on sustainability. My training is a MSc and PhD in Environmental Science from Imperial College London. I’m a Fellow and, board member of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

Can you tell us more about the role of a Sustainability Director, and the main tasks and responsibilities it includes?
I am currently Sustainability Director with Davy Horizons – sustainability and ESG expert advisory unit in financial services firm Davy Group. We support businesses – PLC to private – understand what investors require across ESG and then support them integrate sustainability credibly in their business aligned to best practice and science.

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