Four eco-friendly void fill paper packaging options for sustainable eCommerce

Just as direct-to-consumer delivery has grown in popularity, so has consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging and products has increased. Packaging components ranging from the actual container (ex. box) that the product is shipped in, to the outer package wrap and void fill each must be considered. If you are committed to sustainability but still use foam or plastic void fill, it is time to explore eco-friendly alternatives.

What is void fill packaging, and how is it used?
Void fill (sometimes called “box filler”) exists to fill the empty spaces in your packaging and protect your product from too much movement during the shipping process. Customers are used to getting packages filled with styrofoam peanuts, plastic air pillows, plastic bubble wrap, and so on. However, many of these methods are reliant on unsustainable materials. Additionally, they may demand an avoidable amount of messy packing space or disregard the customer’s unboxing experience.

Paper Offers Sustainable Void Fill Options
Committing to eco-friendly void fill used to mean a compromise on branding or packaging efficiency. However, today’s innovative paper void fill options deliver a myriad of benefits to your company’s sustainability, brand perception, speed, and customer satisfaction alike:
*Paper can be recycled up to 6 times, whereas Only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled
*Consumers prefer paper and see it as an indicator of a high-quality product
*Branded paper void fill can increase customer retention and reduce your return eCommerce rate
*The right paper options can save time and space in your packing environment
*Sustainably sourced and made paper helps you build a fully sustainable supply chain

4 sustainable paper void fill options for eco-aware brands:
Selecting the right void fill option for your product can get overwhelming. There are many choices available to your brand, and not all paper void fill options are made with sustainability in mind. Below we have broken down four great eco-friendly paper void fill options so you can make the best decision for your eCommerce brand.
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