From Marrakech to Bali: The crucial role of forests in the spotlight this November

As the world’s leaders head to Marrakech this November for the latest climate change talks, PEFC is gathering its stakeholders in Bali to explore how we can amplify the essential role that forests and trees play in providing solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

7 billion people live on our planet, this means that demands for food and fiber are continuing to mount. Agriculture, conservation, development and other land uses all compete for space.

We already know that forests have a vital role to play, a role that has been further reinforced within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Accord. And we hope, as the Conference of the Parties meet again, that forests will once again be a high priority.

And while they are busy with advancing global policies, we will be getting down to the details: how can we implement this on the ground.

There is still time to register!

While the outcomes of COP22 can have far reaching impacts, we can’t leave it just to them, we all have to play our part. We need you! Come along to our PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue as we explore how the forest sector can exercise leadership and deliver these forest-based solutions.

Together we need to demonstrate that sustainable forestry and forest certification can contribute beyond traditional boundaries to accelerate sustainable development and mitigate climate change.

We hope that our Stakeholder Dialogue will be a starting point as we work together to further the impact of forest certification to promote sustainable landscapes – where trees deliver maximum positive impacts to people and the environment.

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