FSC Leadership Awards Recognize Excellence in Forest Sustainability

“When focusing on wood products, that’s where FSC comes in. It’s proven to be the most reputable and stringent option, so we rely on it for all of our projects”, says Katie Stanford of STŌK, a leading built-environment sustainability firm, in a recent webinar on responsible forestry. The webinar, produced by Sustainable Brands, also included Christopher Reeves from Procter & Gamble and Brad Kahn of Forest Stewardship Council US.

A peer-reviewed study by Ecotrust and the University of Washington showed that forests managed to FSC standards are globally significant in their ability to store large quantities of carbon, which is key to mitigating the effects of climate change.

While some have argued that any form of forest management (short of deforestation) is carbon neutral because trees eventually re-grow, in reality the study found that larger and more protective buffers along streams, retention of more live trees following a harvest, and longer rotation lengths all combine to result in significantly more carbon storage.

The range of additional carbon storage extended from 13% to 69% more in FSC-certified forests, and an average of approximately 30% more than legal management practices alone.

With responsible forestry, natural climate solutions, regenerative building practices, and consumer demand for environmentally responsible products at the forefront, FSC is inviting companies to showcase their leadership and inspire others to raise the bar.

The 12th annual 2022 FSC Leadership Awards recognize excellence in the use of FSC-certified products and commitment to responsible forest management in building, manufacturing, advocacy, conservation and individual leadership in the FSC community.
more at: https://us.fsc.org/en-us/newsroom/newsletter/id/1246

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