GP Recycling Helps CRDC Global Create Value from Plastics

Plastic waste doesn’t have to be waste at all. It can be a resource.

With the support of GP Recycling, the Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC Global) is converting plastics into a concrete additive called RESIN8. Now instead of ending up in a landfill or the ocean, those plastics can be used to make the concrete that goes into homes, businesses and infrastructure.

“First and foremost, the big value of RESIN8 is keeping the plastic out of landfills,” said Kevin Butts, director of strategy and business development for GP Recycling. “On top of that, you’re able to substitute plastic for traditional aggregates to improve the performance characteristics of the concrete.”

Concrete produced with RESIN8 is lighter and provides better insulation, according to CRDC Global. In non-structural concrete applications, RESIN8 can improve insulation by up to 35%, per CRDC Global. RESIN8 is suitable for numerous applications including concrete blocks, pavers, grouts, mortars, and even hot-mix asphalt. So where does CRDC Global get the plastic it needs to make RESIN8? That’s where GP Recycling comes in.
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