Graphic Packaging International Continues Winning Streak With AmeriStar Awards

KeelClip™ and PaperSeal®, two award-winning packaging innovations from fiber-based packaging solutions leader Graphic Packaging International (Graphic Packaging), are being recognized again, this time at the at the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ 2020 AmeriStar Packaging Awards.

KeelClip, a replacement solution for plastic rings and shrink wrap on multipack cans, gathered the top awards in both sustainability and the beverages/alcoholic drinks category. PaperSeal tray, an alternative to modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum skin packaging, received the top award in the food/refrigerated category.

“As retailers around the world look to us for alternative, sustainable packaging solutions, consumer convenience is central to our new product development,” said Michael Doss, president and CEO of Graphic Packaging. “Capturing the sustainability award, in addition to the top spots in both the food and drink categories, is an honor as it reflects our commitment to developing a range of packaging that solves today’s market challenges and delivers on every level: brand, retailer and consumer. We’re delighted to have received these accolades.”

In addition to its primary function as a beverage multipack clip to secure cans, KeelClip, a fully recyclable paperboard solution, goes above and beyond alternative solutions with added-value features. The package is the only one of its kind to work on all can heights, diameters and configurations, offering enhanced hygiene (as compared to rings) and optimized branding and can orientation opportunities.

PaperSeal, a barrier-lined paperboard tray that eliminates up to 90 percent of plastic, offers a major advancement in tray-sealing technology. Featuring a one-piece continuous sealing flange which offers optimum pack integrity, the solution’s barrier lining can easily be separated post-use for recycling.

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