Greater Resources Required to Mount an Aggressive Fight to Overturn Postal Rate Hike

Dear Industry Executive:

We have heard from some companies about their willingness to underwrite our strong opposition to the PRC’s granting of additional rate authority to the US Postal Service. We still need additional funding.

Otherwise, we’re in for draconian rate hikes throughout the next decade that could push all of us out of the mail.

What Your Pledge Will Help Us Do

  1. A branded digital campaign to activate and engage catalog merchants, industry employees, suppliers, and the millions of catalog shoppers who rely on and benefit from our industry. We will launch a simple constituent outreach tool for widespread use to motivate elected officials with template-driven email and text tools. The tool will also provide all details, op-eds and other materials to both whip up support and be an online destination that will drive pick-ups, retweets and interest beyond catalog-only interests.
  2. Aided by the digital campaign, an aggressive effort to convince lawmakers in Washington to pass sensible postal reform legislation that addresses the massive congressionally-imposed cost overhangs that plague the postal system and are the causal factor in the PRC’s ruling.
  3. File a lawsuit in the US Court of Appeals challenging the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) overreach that clearly exceeds its authority to make such sweeping and fundamental changes to the rate-setting system.

We need to secure commitments of $1.3 million to make this happen. We appreciate the commitment of early participants, but notably absent are some of the biggest brands in cataloging as well as several larger suppliers. This must change if are to accomplish our objectives.

Among the fine companies that have stepped up to help so far are Potpourri Group, Silver Star Brands, Plow & Hearth, Baudville Inc., Bluestone Perennials, NaviStone, Arandell and The Dingley Press.

If your company is not listed, whether you’re a merchant or supplier, ACMA member or not, please email us right away and let us know what you will pledge.

Web Meeting Today at 4:00 EST
If you have questions about this strategy and its likelihood of success or any other matter relating to this, please tune in to our web meeting this afternoon (February 24th) at 4:00 pm EST (pre-registration required – click here) to discuss this with ACMA leadership and our experts.

There are multiple ways we might overturn or ameliorate the impact of this decision. We are working each of them aggressively, but can only do so with your support.

Please make it today!

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association

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