Green Bay Packaging Announces New $500 Million Facility

By Door County Pulse, June 13th, 2018
Green Bay Packaging Inc. announced plans to replace its 71-year-old Green Bay Paper Mill with a new state-of-the-art facility. The more than $500 million investment is the largest business development project in both Brown County and Green Bay Packaging company history. The new Green Bay Mill will be the first new paper mill in Wisconsin in more than 30 years.

“Paper making has long been a staple in Wisconsin’s economic success, but it’s no secret that many paper mills across the state have closed down or moved out in recent years,” said Will Kress, president and CEO of Green Bay Packaging.

“The decision to build the new 300”, 100-percent recycled paper machine in Green Bay will preserve more than 1,100 Green Bay Packaging jobs across Brown County and position the company to grow its local workforce in the coming years,” said Bryan Hollenbach, executive vice president of Green Bay Packaging.

The company will replace its facility wide coal boiler with two natural gas boilers, reducing fuel emissions of sulfur dioxide and particulate matter emissions by more than 90 percent. Green Bay Packaging will also partner with NEW Water, Green Bay’s local metropolitan water treatment facility, to construct a reclaimed water system that uses treated wastewater for production and does not discharge any wastewater back into the Fox River or Bay of Green Bay. The Green Bay Packaging mill will be a 100-percent recycled mill using both Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) and mixed waste as their fiber supply. “We believe it will be one of the most environmentally friendly mills in the country,” said Matt Szymanski, VP of mill operations.

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