Hawesville Water Conservation Efforts Earn AF&PA Award

The American Forest & Paper Association recently recognized our Hawesville Mill in Kentucky for its water conservation efforts with a 2018 Leadership in Sustainability Award. Hawesville water conservation efforts will save nearly 3.2 million gallons of water per day.

We are committed to being a good steward of the water we use. Our pulp and paper mills rely on having an uninterrupted flow of water to produce cost-effective, high-quality products. Every day, our mills use millions of gallons of water, which are cleaned before use and again before being returned to their source, in many cases cleaner than when they entered our process.

Hawesville Mill applied continuous improvement principles to make small, relatively inexpensive upgrades, repairs and process changes that not only save money but, more importantly, also conserve vital water resources for our operations and the ecosystem around our facility.

“The savings we realized could apply to many pulp and paper facilities,” says Hawesville Mill Manager Grant Forrest. “Capital is always tight, but by identifying some low-hanging fruit and other opportunities, we were able to use a series of small, well-planned and strategically timed projects to create large water savings across the mill.”
more at: https://newsroom.domtar.com/hawesville-water-conservation/

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