Hearst Newspapers Acquires Puzzle Games Platform Puzzmo

Hearst Newspapers today announced the acquisition of Puzzmo, a new collaborative puzzle games platform. The announcement was made by Hearst Newspapers President Jeffrey Johnson.

Developed over the last three years by founders Zach Gage and Orta Therox, Puzzmo.com is the new place for thoughtful puzzles. The site will be the home of web-based versions of Gage’s award-winning puzzle games catalog, including Apple Arcade mainstays like SpellTower and new and exclusive releases beginning with FlipArt and Wordbind. Puzzmo will connect each game and every player with a unified system of points, achievements, social connections and multi-player modes never before seen in the puzzle games category, creating a sense of community. Gage and Therox will lead game development and technology for the platform at Hearst.
more at: https://www.hearst.com/-/hearst-newspapers-acquires-puzzle-games-platform-puzzmo

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