Heeter Printing Acquires Duke Printing

Heeter’s acquisition of Duke Printing is sparking something new for our clients – new services, new innovations, new solutions.

Founded more than 75 years ago, Heeter is known for our continual evolution and innovation in the printing industry. We take pride in being first to market with technologies that enhance production with speed, personalization, and quality.

*We were the first commercial printer in the United States to operate Ricoh’s flagship inkjet VC70000 press.
*We have aligned with several strategic partners to ensure continuity and uptime for our clients, never falling behind on a project or a deadline.
*We find effective and efficient ways to get every job done to the highest standards.

It’s with these values and commitments in mind that we have made a strategic acquisition of another print and mail company, Duke Print & Mail Solutions, of Cleveland, Ohio.

Similar to Heeter, Duke has a history of implementing the latest technologies in order to deliver high-quality products, on time every time. This is a critically important factor that sets the bar for both companies’ respectable reputations.

Duke’s presence in Cleveland furthers our ability to provide redundancy in services and automation, allowing our multiple sites and partners to support our clients where their offerings are the strongest.

Our complementary suite of services enables us to strengthen and expand our solutions not just across the Pittsburgh and Cleveland markets, but on a national level as well. Additionally, Heeter and Duke have synergies in how we run our businesses, both operationally and culturally, making this acquisition virtually seamless.

With mirroring corporate visions, complementary service offerings, and synergies in clientele and culture, Heeter’s strategic acquisition of Duke is beneficial to each company and our clients.
more at: https://www.heeter.com/heeter-duke-printing/

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