Heidelberg Technology and Automation Produce Industry-Leading Productivity Levels, Maximize Profits for Printers

Citing two new white papers from the Printing Industries of America, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) finds new technology when driven by the automation of processes like “Push to Stop” provides a direct link to enhanced productivity and maximum profitability.

The two white papers, published by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis, PIA’s Chief Economist, focus on the roles that productivity and costs play in a printer’s overall profitability. Davis argues lowering manufacturing costs is the main way to boost profits. In fact, a 1% decrease in costs equates to a 34% increase in profits based on the industry-wide average of 2% profit.

The reports show the wide profit gap ($13 for every $100 Job) between profit leaders in the printing industry and those with profit potential (Figure 1). This gap, Davis attributes, is a direct result of the reduction of manufacturing costs by the profit leaders through investment in new, technologically advanced equipment. According to PIA’s studies, customers who invest in new technology, “save more than two employees per million dollars in sales.”

Heidelberg presses have historically led the industry in terms of highest net productivity and annual impressions. Recent developments, such as “Push to Stop” technology have pushed productivity and automation to a whole new level and have the potential to make the profit gap even wider. The technology, which was introduced at drupa, allows jobs to be autonomously changed over without operator intervention and continue to print until the operator steps in to interrupt if required, which greatly reduces the number of operating steps. The systematic elimination of time on every job change leads to consistent savings and increased efficiency.
more at:  https://www.heidelberg.com/global/en/company/press_1/press_release/press_release_details/press_release_81536.jsp

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