Holmen Interim Report January-March 2021

*Operating profit for January–March was SEK 849 million (January–March 2020: 628). The increase in earnings can be attributed to higher prices and volumes for wood products, as well as lower production costs in paperboard.
*Compared with the fourth quarter, operating profit increased by SEK 254 million due to rising prices for wood products and seasonally higher earnings from hydro power, as well as the negative impact on the previous quarter of a major maintenance shutdown in paperboard.
*Profit after tax for January–March amounted to SEK 675 million (491), which corresponds to earnings per share of SEK 4.2 (3.0).
details at: https://www.holmen.com/en/newsroom/press/press-releases/2021/holmen-interim-report-january-march-2021/

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