Holmen Reports Year End 2020 Results

  • Excluding items affecting comparability 2019.
    -Operating profit for 2020 was SEK 2 479 million (2019: SEK 2 345 million excluding items affecting comparability of SEK 8 770 million). Lower production costs in Paperboard and higher wood product prices had a positive impact on earnings, though this effect was offset by price decreases and production curtailments in Paper.
    -Compared with the third quarter, operating profit decreased by SEK 119 million to SEK 595 million as a result of a maintenance shutdown in Paperboard.
    -Profit after tax in 2020 was SEK 1 979 million (8 731), which corresponds to earnings per share of SEK 12.2 (52.6). Profit after tax for the previous year was impacted by items affecting comparability of SEK 6 943 million.
    -The value of the Group’s forest assets, calculated based on market prices for forest properties, increased in 2020 by SEK 1.9 billion to SEK 43.2 billion. SEK 579 million of this increase is recognised in the income statement.
    details at: http://investors.holmen.com/files/press/holmen/202102053326-1.pdf
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