How Novolex Is Building A Brain Trust To Educate Consumers And Achieve Our Sustainability Goals

Novolex employees thrive when developing innovative new products, identifying more sustainable solutions, and stretching the boundaries of packaging to meet unique customer needs. At Novolex, we pride ourselves on collaborating across the industry, cultivating a broader brain trust with others in the manufacturing and packaging space.

Certain issues—like recyclability or reusability—we can’t tackle alone. By joining coalitions focused on consumer education, collaborating with foodservice operators, participating in labeling systems like How2Recycle®, and fostering the construction of recycling infrastructure, we support consumers and elevate the entire industry.

Last month, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) launched the Flexible Film Recycling Alliance (FFRA), an initiative Novolex is proud to participate in. The alliance has plans to educate the public about the sustainability and recyclability of flexible plastic film products.

The alliance recognizes that many consumers may not fully understand how and where to recycle plastic films. As a plastic film recycler ourselves, Novolex knows firsthand that it can be done on a large scale. By convening with other industry representatives, we hope to improve recycling and keep valuable materials in our circular economy and out of landfills and the environment.
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