Husum’s paperboard production planned to be increased and the pulp mill renewal proceeds

Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, announced on 22 January 2021 its plan to strengthen its position as Europe’s leading producer of folding boxboard by increasing production capacity.

The company has started pre-engineering for increasing the annual production capacity of folding boxboard machine BM1 at the Husum mill in Sweden by approximately 200,000 tonnes. The pre-engineering phase includes also an evaluation of the mill port’s capacity for increased volumes of raw materials and finished goods.

The planned investment would further strengthen Husum BM1’s position as the biggest folding boxboard machine in Europe. The readiness to make the final investment decision is expected to be achieved in the summer of 2021 and if the investment is implemented the ramp-up of the additional capacity would start in 2023.

Renewal of Husum pulp mill proceeds
Husum pulp mill in Sweden will be renewed in two phases during the 2020s. In November 2020, Metsä Board received an amended environmental permit for the first phase of the renewal. Final investment decision for the first phase, which includes a new recovery boiler and a new turbine, was made in December 2020.

In the second phase of the renewal, to be decided and implemented later during the 2020s, the current two fibre lines would be replaced with one new. Metsä Board announced on 22 January 2021, that it starts preparations for the renewal of the Husum mill site’s environmental permit to include also the planned new fibre line. The permit application will be filed during 2021.

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