IEF Joins Sustainable Packaging Coalition

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) can now add Inteplast Engineered Films (IEF) to its roster of members, which includes the likes of DuPont, Hello Fresh, Clorox, and Fitbit. IEF, a manufacturer of technologically advanced film for printers, converters, and various markets, is excited to join forces with SPC’s growing collective focused on this area of sustainable and eco-friendly innovation.

IEF, already expanding its sustainable film portfolio, expects to take advantage of forging partnerships within this valuable network of progressive brands such as Amazon, FedEx, and many more.

IEF President Bob Stein said, “Given our commitment to our environment, it’s only natural that we join the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. We continue to heavily invest time and resources into this very important, but somewhat undefined, global initiative. We expect that our joining SPC shall give us additional insight to support us in providing sustainable flexible packaging solutions.”

Resin suppliers, converters, equipment manufacturers, and recyclers within the packaging supply chain will undoubtedly benefit from IEF’s SPC membership.

Senior Technical Manager Sumita Ranganathan, Ph.D., noted, “We need unified sustainable solutions to address the global issue of plastic waste. Effective collaboration along and across the value chain is critical in finding robust solutions. As a major supplier of packaging films, IEF looks forward to working with the SPC and its members in identifying legitimate solutions, actively educating our customers and consumers, and promoting responsible use and recycling of the products we make.”

During this critical time, packaging requires more technological advancement and quality formulation due to the surge in demand from the coronavirus pandemic. As an essential supplier of film formulated for packaging foods, chemicals, and items that need to be tamper-evident – IEF’s access to the resources that SPC provides, including published research and invitations to contribute to packaging-centric projects, will yield formidable advances for its customers and their end users.

To learn more about the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, visit

IEF is currently planning its first virtual exposition, in which more information will be available about its sustainable film options for packaging and its capabilities for various industries.

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