Ikea takes part in forest protection initiative (chainstoreage.com)

Global home furnishings retailer Ikea is working to ensure the sustainability of the wood used in textile products it sells.

Sweden-based Ikea is joining the CanopyStyle initiative from Canopy, a global non-profit environmental organization working to protecting forests, species, and climate. CanopyStyle is dedicated to keeping wood harvested from ancient and endangered forests out of the supply chain for fabrics like viscose (a cotton/polyester alternative) and rayon for fashion and home fabrics.

As part of the initiative, Ikea will only purchase fabrics sourced only from wood producers that have achieved the highest ranking in forest sustainability from Canopy. The company will also work to shift to fabric sourcing from lower-impact alternatives to wood.
more at: https://chainstoreage.com/ikea-takes-part-forest-protection-initiative

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