Ilim Group Reports the Status of Its Environmental Program to Bratsk Deputies

Today at the meeting of the Environmental Commission at the Bratsk City Duma, Vasily Konovalov, Director Occupational Health, Industrial, Environmental and Fire Safety, Bratsk Branch of OJSC Ilim Group, reported the status of the environmental program implemented by the Company to reduce its environmental footprint. The program was presented by Company management to Bratsk Mayor Sergey Serebrennikov and Bratsk City Duma deputies in January 2015, and approved by the regional authorities.

As part of the program, this year the Company will take inventory of all emission sources at the Bratsk Mill. Currently, installation of a new scrubber is underway at the fiberline. Ilim also plans to implement an action plan comprising building of a new Soap Acidulation Plant and decommissioning of the old one, mothballing of sludge collector 2, additional treatment of sulfur-containing gases from HW line washers, installation of a stripper, rebuild of the Biological Treatment Station etc. All these actions will further reduce emissions of sulfur-containing gases.
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