Inclusive Discussions with the People of the Boreal

We are encouraged to read recent comments by Greenpeace that it is willing to engage Northern communities, workers, First Nations and governments in finding long-term sustainable solutions for the boreal. Clearly, Greenpeace has heard the voices of the people of the boreal.

Resolute has been consistent on the need for inclusive discussions, negotiations, and compromise solutions, developed in collaboration with governments, communities, workers and First Nations that lead to the most sustainable outcomes. And we welcome this change of heart by Greenpeace.

The appropriate forum for these discussions is the CBFA – with an expanded table that includes the various stakeholders that Greenpeace has finally agreed to engage. While Greenpeace walked away from the CBFA process under false pretenses and launched its attack campaign against Resolute, for the past two years Resolute has supported governments convening the people most affected by these decisions in a truly collaborative process that gives everyone a voice.

Now that Greenpeace has accepted that long-term, durable solutions can only come from including everyone in these conversations as full, active participants in the process, we look forward to its return to the CBFA and their commitment to operate within its rules.

In this spirit, Resolute welcomes a resumption of discussions, with the full inclusion of governments, communities, workers and First Nations. At the same time, we are asking Greenpeace to confirm that it will participate in this process.

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