Inteplast’s Remington Stretch Films Operations are Up and Running

Inteplast’s AmTopp Division has begun production on one of its two stretch film extrusion lines and will increase its current workforce by more than 37 percent in time for mid-September, when the second stretch film line goes into production. Stretch film, made from linear low-density polyethylene, is used to secure goods during their transport, allowing for palletized loads and other profile types to be stabilized, unitized, and protected from dust or other unhygienic or corrosive elements.

Combined, the stretch film and pre-stretch extrusion lines are estimated to yield a monthly average of 2 million pounds in product until the startup of the second stretch film line, when it increases to 5 million pounds. Currently the plant’s pre-stretch production has averaged more than 500,000 pounds per month for the last year-and-a-half. The Remington facility is slated to produce up to 60 million pounds of film per year.

AmTopp Division President Homer Hsieh said that the stretch film product offerings available at Remington now mirror the facility’s four sister plants in Lolita and Houston, TX; Charlotte, NC; and Phoenix, AZ.

“We truly appreciate the warm welcome from the local communities with whom we worked closely from day one. Our commitment to this industry and our customers dictated this expansion. Our Remington facility is designed to provide enhanced services that match our quality stretch film products; our customers deserve nothing less,” stated Hsieh.
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