Introducing: FSC EUDR Aligned Early Adopter Programme

Are you an FSC certificate holder and need to comply with the upcoming EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR)? You might qualify to become an early adopter of FSC EUDR Aligned.

Since the EUDR came into force in June 2023, FSC has been dedicated to strengthening its system and developing new technologies to support our certificate holders to meet these requirements. FSC EUDR Aligned will provide a set of integrated tools to tens of thousands of companies – at different points along the value chain and with vastly different needs – to help meet EUDR legality, sustainability, and due diligence obligations.

We are ready to onboard a select number of companies to start testing our solutions.

The FSC EUDR Aligned Early Adopter Programme will invite the selected companies to implement this suite of solutions – starting with the FSC Regulatory Module – so we can scrutinize how they function in real supply chains. At the same time, trusted companies will have the chance to test-drive the innovations to help make complex supply chains deforestation-free ahead of EUDR enforcement in December 2024.
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