IPG Launches Tishma Brand AMS Fully Automated Inline Paper Mailer System with Right Size Technology

IPG® (Intertape Polymer Group®), a leading manufacturer of highly automated packaging machinery and turnkey solutions, has launched the new Tishma® brand AMS (Auto Mailer Machine) in partnership with Garrido Printing Equipment out of Miami, FL.

The AMS is a revolutionary design that automatically creates a right sized, paper mailable package around each order. This high speed, inline system adjusts the creation of the mailer length to the product need, at a rate of 30 mailers per minute in random, or up to 80 per minute in a batched mode.

With a linear, compact design, it features large roll loading with a 50” diameter x 32” wide x 20,000 linear feet that can potentially produce 15,000 mailers from a single roll of paper. This continuous motion system includes six feet of motorized infeed conveyor with IPG’s patent pending horizontal and cross sealing technology.

“Continuous operation combined with large roll formats will have an immediate benefit increasing productivity with little to no downtime relative to changeovers,” states Rob Hoffman, IPG Senior Director of Sales.

Additional features include license plate barcodes by ink jet or label, integrated print and shipping label application, and WMS integration capability.
more at: https://www.itape.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/IPG-AMS-Press-Release-091523-FINAL.pdf

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