Is a Paperless Society in Our Future? Maybe Not …

Can you imagine a future without paper? As it turns out, few can. Despite advancing technology and talk of a paperless society, paper still plays a role in our imagined future.

Perhaps that’s because paper is one of only a few truly sustainable products — it’s renewable, recyclable and can be managed sustainably.

In the United States and Canada, Domtar has been a leader in advancing the circular economy of paper products by recycling and using wood waste to create renewable energy, and by promoting the recyclability of paper-based products and packaging, which will allow us to continue making products sustainably well into the future.

Pop culture points to the continued presence of paper in our daily lives for decades to come, with paper-based products seen in unexpected places on screens of all sizes.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy or dystopian films or television shows, don’t miss these nods to paper products in futuristic or fantastical settings — none of which feature a paperless society.
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