IWCO Direct Announces Historic Strategic Investment

IWCO Direct, a leading provider of data-driven direct marketing solutions, today announced a new strategic plan that features the largest investment in the history of the 52-year-old company. The investment of approximately $50 million will accelerate IWCO Direct’s evolution as a leading strategic solutions partner, well-positioned to meet the current and future needs of performance marketers.

“With this historic investment in IWCO Direct, we will quickly and significantly enhance the value we can bring to marketers in delivering response and business impact through our strategy, creative, data, and campaign execution,” stated John Ashe, CEO of IWCO Direct.

This investment will transform the company’s technology and digital marketing capabilities, as well as its production platform to meet the needs of its marketing clients. It is directed toward state-of-the-art digital presses and a new hybrid in-line technology environment as well as facilities optimization and implementation costs.

IWCO Direct’s plan will provide immediate solutions to an industry that continues to integrate its direct mail and digital marketing channels, while looking for greater speed from data to delivery, more opportunity for personalization, a more holistic and omnichannel approach to programs, as well as cost efficiency.

As the plan rolls-out, IWCO Direct will also greatly expand its critical data and analytics and marketing services offerings, maximizing the performance of customer campaigns. The company has also committed to further investment in its unique postal logistics operation – the largest commingling platform in the country providing maximum cost efficiency for client programs.

“We are excited to share our plans for investment and growth as we move forward with this strategic plan to position IWCO Direct as a leading data-driven solutions company,” continued Ashe. “Since I arrived at IWCO Direct last year, we have been developing our vision for the future of the company. We believe that this historic investment will provide our clients with the performance, speed, creativity and market efficiencies they need to reach their target audiences.”

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