Johnson & Quin Improves Direct Mail with Color Inkjet (

As a high-volume direct mail producer, Johnson & Quin, which was founded in 1876 (making it the oldest company among this group of innovators), made a profound switch to high-speed inkjet printing in 2019. That change — to three Screen color inkjet systems — reports VP and Principal Andrew Henkel, was precipitated by the fact the company’s clients had accepted color digital output and were happy with the results.

“It felt like a leap of faith,” says Bob Arkema, the company’s executive VP, “but it seemed like an inevitability. We could take advantage of being early inkjet adopters, or wait until we were forced to [invest]. It felt riskier not to do it.” To keep up with its three high-speed inkjet lines, Johnson & Quin has also been investing heavily, primarily in inserting systems.

“Johnson & Quin, is using continuous-feed inkjet mainly for mid-level-priced, good clients, such as cell phone providers, etc.,” points out Marco Boer, VP of IT Strategies. “They are using software to optimize postal discounts and delivery response to the most efficient levels possible, often pre-sorting at the print level to get the highest postage discounts.” The company’s 100% color inkjet approach makes them stand out in the direct mail space.
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