Just as good, only better: wood-based cosmetics packaging passes a rigorous screening process

In autumn 2023, Finnish cosmetics company Lumene launched a moisturiser packaged in a bio-attributed* jar. The jar utilises a wood-based plastic raw material made from crude tall oil, a residue from pulp production. It is reportedly the first cosmetics jar that includes renewable materials in both the packaging and label.

In the first phase, Lumene’s Nordic-C [Valo] range of moisturisers will be packaged in this new type of jar. In the future, Lumene’s entire range of 50 ml moisturisers will be packaged in a new bio-attributed jar. These are also the company’s best-selling products.

Reducing the dependency on fossil raw materials is a global challenge across many industries. For example, every year, the global cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion containers. Many consumers are on the hunt for products with the lowest possible environmental impact, and industries are searching for raw materials to fulfil that need.

Lumene has been looking for a more sustainable packaging material for a long time. The company’s goal is that by 2025, just over a year from now, 80% of its product packaging will be made from recycled or bio-based plastics. Lumene sells around 1.5 million moisturisers every year.
more at: https://www.upm.com/articles/beyond-fossils/23/just-as-good-only-better-wood-based-cosmetics-packaging-passes-a-rigorous-screening-process/

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