Kotkamills’ board is a consumer packaging win for Starcke and PackageMedia

Finnish packaging manufacturers PackageMedia and Starcke have been awarded for their innovative products packaged in Kotkamills’ board material.

Designed by PackageMedia, the Fazer Domino campaign packaging has received a ScanStar Award. The primary judging criteria of the pan-Nordic packaging competition, organised by the Scandinavian Packaging Association, were innovativeness of the idea, protective properties of the packaging, price, design, and user and environmental friendliness. The awarded Domino campaign skilfully used appealing images submitted by consumers. To delight consumers, digital technology was used to print a total of 1,200 different images on cookie packages made from Kotkamills’ AEGLE® Pro board. The good printability and excellent stiffness of AEGLE® Pro ensured the high-end result.

Starcke was awarded bronze in the international Gold Leaf competition for the unique folding effect in its natural cosmetics packaging. Awarded by The Foil & Specialty Effects Association, the beautiful packaging contains a solid oil cleansing cake to clean, treat and balance skin. The evaluation criteria in the competition were product design, execution and level of difficulty. The lid of the awarded packaging is produced from Kotkamills’ AEGLE® White board and the inner part from ISLA® Duo board. The package is resealable, and it can be used for the duration of the product’s lifetime.

“The innovative products designed by our customers have achieved the success they deserve in the Nordic countries and in the international competition. We are very proud of the results our talented customers have accomplished with the board we make. The excellent results and the choice of Kotkamills’ board as the material used with these products wasn’t a coincidence, of course. Because of our collaborative product development, our completely biodegradable and recyclable products are a perfect fit with the needs of PackageMedia and Starcke,” says Sales Manager Eveliina Lukkarinen from Kotkamills.

“Sustainability and quality are a key element of the Luonkos product portfolio’s identity. The products are made from 100% natural ingredients like domestic clay, oats, birch and nettles. So it is essential that also the packaging is of high quality, sustainably produced, and environmentally friendly. The fibre of AEGLE® White originates from certified and sustainably managed northern forests. Because of the structures of the fibre layers, the board has met our customer’s requirements for high-quality foiling, embossing, die cutting and creasing features which is reflected with the bronze award now received,” says Ari-Veli Starcke, Chairman of Starcke’s Board.

”The successful execution of the Fazer Domino packaging project required a lot both of the digital services attached to it, and the materials used. Printing more than one thousand different images on consumer packages was an ambitious project, and we are pleased of the recognition we received at the ScanStar competition. The coating technology used in Kotkamills’ AEGLE® Pro board is exceptional, enabling package printing of very high quality. As the competition jury noted, the package may also have collectible value, a true testament to the quality of the end product”, says Mauri Reinilä, CEO of PackageMedia.

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