Larry Martin Leads as Director of Quad’s Plant in The Rock

Larry Martin is the plant director for Quad’s print-production plant in The Rock. As plant director, Martin oversees all plant and employee operations, strategy development, growth-planning initiatives, and more. He is a Georgia native and was named plant director at The Rock in March 2021.

Martin’s career in printing began at Quad 28 years ago. He has worked in management for the last 18 years, and prior to being promoted to plant director, served as the plant’s finishing operations manager for 10.5 years.

Martin credits much of his success to his cousin Trent Jones, who served as a mentor to Martin throughout his upbringing and worked 32 years as a saddle stitch operator at Quad.

Finishing is one of Quad’s largest departments, with quality-assurance and exceptional customer service as top priorities. Martin says he gained immense insight on teamwork and relationship building as a leader in finishing. It provided him opportunities to interact with teams and individuals in every area of the plant, and to engage with clients from around the world, according to Quad officials.

He now fuses that experience with his prowess as a leader to nurture a mission-focused culture at The Rock. Since becoming plant director, Martin has worked with other plant leaders to develop a mission statement, enhance the plant’s community engagement, and increase hiring and retention efforts.
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