Layoffs underway at GP’s Camas paper mill

Reality is setting in for about 225 paper mill workers in Camas. Layoffs announced in November 2017 are now underway. Many losing their jobs have worked at the mill for decades.

Workers expressed a lot of sadness, grieving the loss of jobs they spent decades doing.

The decision is forever changing the city that was built around it.

“There’s been a paper mill in Camas for 138 years,” Korhonen said. “We were proud to make paper in Camas.”

“As the mill grew, the city grew, and it kind of grew together,” said Bill Spring, the Vice President for the Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers. “I don’t know, that remains to be seen what will happen out there.”

Camas City Administrator Peter Capell said this should not have much of an impact on the economy. Instead, the city is more worried about the families affected.
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