Leading fiber producer sets bold 2030 sustainability targets for a positive impact on climate, nature and people

Leading global producer of sustainable fiber and bio-based products, Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), has announced a slate of progressive targets to 2030 that will have a positive impact on climate, nature and people while transforming its business.

Supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia, APRIL2030 targets a drastic reduction of carbon emissions to achieve net zero emissions from land use and a 25% cut in product carbon emissions. The company also commits to net zero loss of protected areas and measurable gains in biodiversity and ecosystem benefits in the conservation and restoration areas under its active management.

APRIL2030 will drive vital inclusive progress in Indonesia’s developing economy through transformative initiatives in livelihoods, education, healthcare and championing equal opportunity for women. The company also commits to embracing circularity in its business and the use of recycled textiles as an alternative fiber source.

Announcing the 2030 commitments and targets, RGE Director Anderson Tanoto said: “Continued investment in climate, nature and sustainable development assumes even greater urgency if the global economy is to achieve a strong recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. As challenging as the current situation is, it presents businesses with an opportunity, if seized decisively, to boldly transform the future for the better.

“We are determined to ensure the next decade is one of action and further transformation for our company as we play our part to achieve a lower carbon economy and make a positive impact on climate, nature and people.”
see details at: https://www.aprilasia.com/images/pdf_files/a2030-en.pdf

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