Lecta introduces its Termax products TC20X and TC20XB

Lecta expands its line of Termax thermal products and launches its two new high-quality grades of Termax top-coated thermal paper on the market, Termax TC20X and Termax TC20XB, for a wide variety of self-adhesive labels.

Termax is Lecta’s complete, upgraded range of thermal paper, and is specially designed to evolve along with your business while offering many potential applications.

The two new grades of paper in this product line are made to be used as adhesive facestock for food and industrial label applications in which there may be adverse conditions such as moisture, grease or solvents. Both products are highly resistant to grease, water, solvents, scratching and plasticizers, and are therefore an excellent solution to these problems.

In addition to excellent chemical and environmental resistance, Termax TC20X and TC20XB papers provide high image resolution, good temperature resistance, high sensitivity, and both are phenol-free. The TC20XB also has a protective layer on the back to protect the label when used with more demanding adhesives.
more at: https://www.lecta.com/en/news/Pages/Lecta-introduces-its-Termax-products-TC20X-and-TC20XB.aspx

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