Librarians Gather in Texas as Book Bans Mount

In Texas, libraries are a political battleground. On the same day that the Texas Library Association convened its annual convention in person for the first time since 2019, attendees learned that residents of Llano, a rural county outside Austin, were fighting back against efforts by Republican politicians to censor local libraries. It was, perhaps, a sweeter irony that the TLA’s conference, which ran April 25–28, was held in Fort Worth, in the district of state representative Matt Kraus. Kraus started a campaign to ban books in Texas last October, when he sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency asking school districts to investigate the presence of more than 850 diverse and inclusive books in school libraries.

Remarking on the news from Llano, Darryl Tocker, executive director of the Tocker Foundation, the state’s most prominent charity involved in supporting rural public libraries, told PW, “It’s wrong what is happening in public libraries. There’s no other word for it.”
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