Locked Down and Leaning In … to Direct Mail (freeportpress.com)

As lockdowns drag on and consumers spend more time at home, publishers are continuing to lean in to direct mail to engage their audience … and they are finding creative new ways to make it happen.

“Publishers know Americans are going to be hunkered down at home for another few months of coronavirus-created isolation,” writes Max Willens in Digiday, “so some of them are hoping to drive more revenue by going right through readers’ front doors.”

Those doors are especially attractive to direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and many are helping their DTC advertisers create direct mail campaigns.

“Over the past few months, The Los Angeles Times has been pitching direct mail and custom publishing campaigns to media agencies focused on DTC brands,” Willens writes.
more at source: https://freeportpress.com/locked-down-and-leaning-in-to-direct-mail/

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