L’Oréal’s new beauty-line comes in a water-resistance paper bottles

Shane Wolf, L’Oréal’s global manager for Redken, Pureology and Mizani, is heading up a new project focused on seed diversity, small-scale organic farmers and sustainability.

Seed Phytonutrients came to fruition due to a culmination of partners dedicated to creating a brand with four cores objectives: seed diversity, supporting organic farmers, promoting natural beauty and leading sustainability.

Not only is the product sustainable and organic, but the packaging is also uniquely qualified to help the planet. The external shell is 100% paper-based and is recyclable and compostable. Shane Wolf tells Two Sides UK how important it was to use paper-based packaging for this brand and the positive impact it will have on the planet.

The outer and inner shells are no longer glued together. Instead, a system of joining tabs binds the two halves mechanically, producing a stronger outer structure. The shell is made using corrugated board recycled from a L’Oréal USA distribution centre. A remarkable development in the packaging is water-resistance, achieved by mixing unique minerals with the paper fibres.

Moreover, the entire bottle can not only be recycled but also up-cycled! Each bottle comes with a packet of seeds, which is a way of encouraging consumers to start their own gardens. The seeds can be traditionally planted, or you can use the cardboard shell of the bottle and start an indoor garden.

Today’s young consumers are looking for companies and brands to do more than simply sell them a great product and Loreal has hit the mark to set their brand apart by going that extra mile to bring change and make the world a little more beautiful with this exceptional beauty range.

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