LSC Communications Expands Relationship with Workman Publishing to Include End-to-End Order-to-Cash & Digital Content Management Services

LSC Communications (NYSE: LKSD) announced today a multi-year agreement with Workman Publishing that renews and expands the companies’ relationship. In addition to renewing its printing, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services, LSC will provide Workman with end-to-end Order-to-Cash (“OTC”) services. LSC’s OTC platform includes customer service, order and credit management, invoicing, cash application, and dispute resolution, as well as sales and inventory analysis reporting. Workman will also join LSC’s digital content management platform Harvest, which provides publishers with opportunities to increase ebook sales through online marketplace monitoring, sales analysis & keyword generation.

The relationship between Workman and LSC goes back more than forty years. Since 1973, LSC (originally through Banta/RR Donnelley) has been Workman’s largest print vendor, responding with tremendous creativity to Workman’s needs for unusual formats and display ideas. In 1978 it also became Workman’s warehousing and distribution partner.

“LSC has been an invaluable partner of Workman Publishing almost from the beginning, and we are very excited to renew and grow our relationship,” said Dan Reynolds, CEO of Workman Publishing. “Looking forward, LSC’s Order-to-Cash and digital content management services will be critical to our remaining competitive and self-reliant in the marketplace.”

“We are proud to have earned the opportunity to expand our valued relationship with Workman Publishing,” noted Dave McCree, President of LSC’s Book and Directory businesses. “The significant investments we’ve made within our Publisher Services business provide clients, like Workman, the benefits of order transaction efficiency, improved working capital, and the potential for increased sales. LSC’s commitment to the Book Publishing industry has never been stronger as we continue to focus on developing value-added supply-chain solutions that align with our clients’ business requirements.”

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