Mactac and ARMOR Partner to Bring the Labeling Industry Thinner, More Sustainable Thermal Transfer Solutions

Mactac®, a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive papers and films, and ARMOR, a leader in the design and production of thermal transfer ribbons, are partnering to bring thinner, more sustainable thermal transfer solutions to the labeling industry.

Both companies offer thermal transfer solutions that are designed to help reduce the labeling industry’s environmental impact, including Mactac’s Optiscan® thermal transfer products with BLOOM® hi.mpact™ liner and ARMOR’s inkanto® APR1 wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon.

When Optiscan products (Optiscan V, Optiscan K and Optiscan 2C) with BLOOM hi.mpact and APR1 ribbon are used jointly as a comprehensive thermal transfer solution, printers, converters and end-users benefit. These innovative products help create a labeling industry with more sustainable solutions. By focusing on sustainable product development, both Mactac and ARMOR are helping ensure the labeling industry is making strides in reducing the impact on the environment.

“Together, Mactac and ARMOR have conducted significant research and testing of our joint thermal transfer solutions with incredible success,” says Kathy Magyar, Senior Marketing Manager for Mactac Performance Adhesives. “We are proud to deliver these more sustainable options to the thermal transfer printing and labeling market.”

Key features of the thinner, more sustainable thermal transfer solutions, include:

Mactac’s Optiscan V and Optiscan K products offer facestocks that are 14 percent thinner caliper than other products on the market. Additionally, all Optiscan products are available with Mactac’s ultra-thin 1.7-mil BLOOM hi.mpact glassine paper liner.
Greater than 20 percent more labels per roll at the same original diameter.
Increases converter/end-user profitability through less raw material usage, more labels/footage per roll, less packaging waste and reduced freight.

ARMOR’s inkanto APR1 wax-resin ribbon uses a thinner PET (polyethylene) carrier than any other ribbon on the market.
Reduces plastic waste by as much as 12 percent.
Ensures more labels per roll.
Mactac/ARMOR thermal transfer solutions are ideal for variable information printing and labeling applications such as shipping, warehouse labels, work-in-process labels, pizza/food delivery seals, and more.

“Environmental friendliness has been at the core of ARMOR’s business strategy for more than 15 years,” says Tim Maher, Director of Sales for ARMOR North America. “We’ve pioneered a 100-percent solvent-free ‘Solfree’ ribbon, we’ve recently launched new ribbons that use 12 percent less plastic, and ARMOR USA is a zero-landfill operation. We firmly believe we do more than anyone else in the industry to reduce environmental footprint, and we are proud of our work in this area and our sustainability-focused partnerships with leading companies like Mactac.”

Mactac’s Optiscan series features smooth, smudge-resistant bright white facestocks that are designed for high-speed thermal transfer printing and converting. They are offered on a variety of adhesive options and available with Mactac’s BLOOM hi.mpact liner.

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