Member Request: Help Us Help GAO Show Post-Wayfair Hardship

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) has come to us requesting specific company information about how our members have been impacted since the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair in June 2018. This study will go to Members of Congress and will help make the case for legislative relief from the punishing complexity, cost and liabilities being imposed on remote sellers.

So far, several members of ACMA’s Tax Committee have stepped up with their case studies, showing in detail the kind of financial hardship the Wayfair decision has had on their businesses. Please help with our goal being to get Federal legislation passed so you don’t have more than dozens of states chasing after you for back taxes, audits, and other liabilities. Our help in this crucial GAO report will go a long way toward reaching this vital goal.

Important Directions
We need to provide as much information as possible. We’ve already shared the extensive wealth of information about ACMA’s remote sales tax collection work posted on the ACMA website. Now it’s your turn. Please click here and fill out this questionnaire all as it relates to your company. Here are some important directions:
• Two options for filling the form out: It’s a Word doc, so either simply fill in your answers on the doc, rename it, and send it directly to me, OR to make it easier on yourself if you’d like someone to interview you with this list and write it up, email me and let me know. Just be sure to include your phone number and a few times you can be available.
• You’ll see two sets of questions: If your company has been collecting and remitting remote seller sales tax in accordance with state demands, fill out the first part; if your company has not been collecting and remitting remote seller sales tax, please fill out the second part.
• You’ll then see a section requesting personal information. You have an option here: Ideally, provide all your company info; however, if it’s too sensitive for you, please provide a rough description of what your company sells, and a ballpark estimate of your annual sales and employee size. ACMA will never reveal anything you don’t want released, so please specify your preferences in your email back to me.

Where to Send Your Form
Simply respond to this email. It will go to my own address. I will be compiling these and sending them on to our contact at the GAO. Indicate anything you don’t want shared with the GAO, and always feel free to ask me any questions prior to sending.

Please Complete It Now
We realize that for many of our members, this is your busiest time of year. Our contacts on Capitol Hill and at the GAO have asked for this information right away so we can hit the ground running in the new Congress in January. Given the opportunity we have with this effort in Washington right now, we have to impose this urgency on you as this study is in the works now and will be completed shortly. ​

Friday, December 18th, 5:00 pm EST

If you have any questions, please call me at 914-669-8391. If you are not the appropriate person in your company to address these issues, please pass them on to the person that is and copy me on your email so I can follow up and make sure there are no questions or concerns. Thank you, in advance, for your help on this crucial matter.

Paul Miller
VP & Deputy Director

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