Metallized Film for Insulated Shipper Captures AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award

The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) on March 23 presented its 2018 Technology of the Year Award to Celplast Metallized Products Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) for its role in the northbox insulated shipper. The awards ceremony took place at the group’s annual meeting, which was held at the DoubleTree South Park Hotel in Charlotte, N.C.

Celplast supplies the metallized film for the northbox shipping container, which is manufactured by Cascades Inc. (Kingsey Falls, Québec, Canada). The temperature-control box consists of a corrugated regular slotted container with two C-shape honeycomb paperboard/metallized film insulating liners. The first liner covers the bottom, top and one side of the case, while the second liner nests within to cover the other three sides. The reflective property of the metallized film improves temperature control and also acts as a barrier to condensation, thereby preserving the pristine appearance of the paperboard.

The insulated shippers can be specified Level 1 or Level 2 temperature control and have been laboratory tested under the ISTA 7E standard. Considered more sustainable than traditional foam-based insulating panels or bubble wrap, the honeycomb paperboard and corrugated box contains 100 percent recycled fiber content and may be recycled curbside because the metallized film easily separates from the honeycomb paperboard during the recycling process. Applications include ready-to-cook/eat meal kits; live products such as lobsters, worms or plants; specialty meats/cheeses; online grocery orders; and pharmaceuticals, blood and vaccines.

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