Metalvac: Lecta’s high value-added metallized paper

Metallized paper is produced using direct high vacuum metallization technology, a process in which 0.08 g/m2 of aluminum is deposited on a one-side coated paper.

This is a single-material, paper-based solution, making Metalvac the sustainable alternative to other choices available in the market today, such as metallized plastic (polypropylene, polyester) films, aluminum foil – a product whose aluminum content is on average 300 times greater than that of metallized paper, or hot-stamping and metallic inks, amongst others.

Noteworthy among its numerous advantages are:
*Recyclability in standard paper and cardboard circuits
*High opacity
*Good folding properties
*Good mechanical resistance
*An even, glossy, smooth surface
*Excellent printability for offset, flexo and rotogravure printing

Metalvac is an ideal paper for manufacturing high-quality wet-glue and self-adhesive labels, as well as for graphic applications. You may also look forward to hearing more about our new range of functional metallized papers, especially designed for flexible packaging for food and non-food products, in the near future.
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