Metsä Board Husum commits to comprehensive and speedy clean-up of oil spill

An oil leak was reported by Metsä Board Husum mill into the sea south of Husum, Sweden between Thursday evening 16 September and mid-day Friday 17 September.

According to the mill, the origin of the leak was from one of the mill’s oil burners that was immediately isolated and put out of operation. There has been no further leakage since the incident.

The root cause of the incident is being investigated. Metsä Board is supporting the ongoing investigation with all the necessary resources.

The Husum mill has allocated extensive resources to the decontamination of the oil from both the sea and island shores. The mill has commissioned two licensed experts to lead the decontamination operation and mobilized a team of decontamination workers. A detailed decontamination plan has been issued to the Country Administrative Board.

On 6 October there was a public information meeting arranged at the Husum mill to provide local residents and stakeholders with information on the decontamination work progress and a possibility for discussion and questions.

“We are taking our responsibility very seriously and we have engaged with the public for information on any identified oil traces and to answer any questions they may have. We will also continue our dialogue with all involved stakeholders. The decontamination work continues, and we will follow our commitment to ensure that the oil spill is removed,” says Olov Winblad von Walter, VP Husum Board and Pulp mill.

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