Miyakoshi enters digital press for flexible packaging market

While marketing focus steadily shifting from a mass to a more personalized approach, and each consumer increasingly has their own individual tastes and needs, analogue printing technologies such as gravure and flexography can not always caater to such requirements.

This has lead to vendors needing to create an ever increasing variety of products but of smaller quantities, a phenomenon which has led to a constant reduction in the size of production lots.

The Miyakoshi MJP30AXF includes features such as:
*Water based ink, safe for food packaging
*Minimizing of inventories and waste helping to achieve sustainable goals
*Optimized production with a variety of small jobs on one single web
*High resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi with latest inkjet printhead technology
*Digitally printed white, enabling high quality colour reproduction
*750 mm(30 inch) print width and 50 meter per minute printing speed
*No make-ready time such as plate/drum making, and ink change.

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